Meme Contest : Twitter Guide

🎁   WorkQuest Weekly Meme Contest (looking for 54 winners): Unleash your Meme Game!

Twitter Guide

Step 1:
Create a nice Meme for WorkQuest (the text and design are your choice!)
Step 2:
When submitting your meme image on twitter, please attach this text (exactly the same) to your meme tweet:
(image is sample, replace it with your own meme)
🚀 I've decided to introduce #WorkQuest (global end-to-end #jobs marketplace) to the cryptocurrency communities with a meme design. 🏆 weekly #Meme #Contest If you like my Meme, please: Retweet, Like & Reply 💎 $WQT #WQT #DeFiJobs #Decentralized #DAO #CryptoCurrency #BscGem
Step 3:
Submit your tweet, try to get as much likes and retweets as possible to win!

And now you are done!
Please don't forget to send it to WorkQuest's telegram group as well (but only once per day).
Final Example: