Meme Contest : Telegram Guide

🎁   WorkQuest Weekly Meme Contest (looking for 54 winners): Unleash your Meme Game!

Telegram Guide

Step 1:
Create a nice Meme for WorkQuest (the text and design are your choice!)
Step 2:
Message @like bot on Telegram and click Start (this method is used for round 1 and it may change for next rounds)
Step 3:
Send your meme image to the bot and attach the following message to it (exactly the same, just set your telegram username):
💎 WorkQuest is a global end-to-end jobs marketplace powered by DeFi connecting employees with employers all around the world. Telegram Group for more info: @WorkQuestChat 🏆 WorkQuest weekly Meme contest. 📽 Next Contest Program: Creating WorkQuest-related content on YouTube & Twitter (announcement coming soon) $WQT #DeFiJobs #Decentralized #DAO 💫⚡️💫⚡️💫⚡️💫 I've decided to introduce #WorkQuest to the cryptocurrency communities with a meme design. 💫 I am committed to abide by the rules of the competition. I will send my design only to authorized friends and groups and only share my own creations. 🆔 Designer: @…………… (Participating Telegram ID) If you like my Meme, please click the like button below:
Important: please make sure to set your telegram username in the post, as seen in the image below.
Step 4:
When the Bot asks you to select your emoticon, Select the heart icon from emoticon menu:
Step 5:
Now you can click Publish to send it to your friends and authorized groups. (Note that if you spam unauthorized groups or people you will be eliminated from the contest)
Step 6:
After clicking publish and selecting a friend or group chat, make sure to click your Meme image to send it in the correct format:
And now you are done!
Please don't forget to send it to WorkQuest's telegram group as well (but only once per day).
Final Example: